6 Business Benefits of Having a Custom Email Address for Your Company (Instead of gmail.com or yahoo.com)

6 Business Benefits of Having a Custom Email Address for Your Company (Instead of gmail.com or yahoo.com)

When you’re starting a new business, it’s not uncommon to use a generic free email to get going before you have a chance to set up your own domain, or www address.

Some of the popular free email services are Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, so you might end up with “MyBusinessName@yahoo.com” and think that’s fine for the time being. But as time goes by, you just keep using it without realizing it could be hurting your business significantly.

75% of US consumers find a custom domain-based email address more trustworthy.

According to a survey by GoDaddy, three-quarters of Americans find companies with a domain-based email that matches their website more trustworthy. And 33% of those surveyed doubted the trustworthiness of a company using a non-professional, free email address.

Those statistics aren’t too surprising. Just looking at the two addresses below, it’s obvious which one garners more trust:

JoeatAmazon@hotmail.com – or – Joe.Smith@amazon.com

Who would you be more likely to trust with your credit card number?

First impressions matter, and many times an email address is one of the first people get about your business. At Panic Button Tech, we make it easy for small businesses to get that professional email with no hassles and minimal cost.

The 6 Big Business Benefits of a Custom Email

Companies may drag their feet about changing their email address for a number of reasons:

  • They’re comfortable with the email they have now
  • Their exact company name wasn’t available as a .com
  • They don’t know how to set up custom emails

But do you really want to turn off 75% of potential customers because you don’t want to switch from gmail.com for your company emails?

We find that once a small business owner sees how easy it is to secure hosting and a custom domain for email, even if a little creativity is needed to find an available URL, it’s an easy decision for them.

Here are the big benefits you’ll see when you switch to custom email addresses for your business.

Increased Trust in Your Business

We’ve already touched on the statistics. People simply trust a custom email if you’re a business more than they trust a free email address. That trust relates directly to how they’ll feel about doing business with you.

If you’ve got a professional email address, you increase customer confidence and your company looks much more professional, no matter what the size.

Flexibility for Staff Email Addresses

When you’re first starting out you might use “mybusiness@gmail.com”, but what happens when you start adding employees? What if they want to use their personal address “turtlelover@gmail.com” for their work email?

If you have your own custom domain, you have the flexibility to add as many professional looking staff emails as you need and can ensure consistency by using name@mycompany.com for your team.

Email Marketing Recognition

The email subject line and the sender’s email address are used by 69% of receivers when deciding whether to report an email as spam. Your email marketing has a much better chance of being recognized as legitimate if you send it from a custom domain email address.

Email marketing is a great way to promote products and nurture leads. Don’t handicap your chances of reaching customers by using a free email address to send it out.

Control of Your Company Emails

If you have staff using their own personal email addresses to communicate with your clients, what happens if “Joe” decides to leave the company? You might end up losing years of contacts he built up in his email client.

If your company has its own custom domain email set up, you can have a master backup copy of business emails and also deactivate a company email address after an employee moves on.

You’re Branding Your Business

Most people would never think of starting a company with no name. Your business name is how you brand yourself and how people know who you are.

Emails are another way to encourage your business brand. They go on everything from your business cards, to sales brochures, to your website. Giving someone your email address that includes your business name domain is an important way to remind customers of your brand.

People Will Take You More Seriously

You might think that your professional lawn business clients don’t really care about your email address, they just want their yard to look good. But what about when they give your email to a friend as a referral? That person doesn’t know you and won’t think your company is as professional as another one with a custom URL based email address.

If you’ve taken that extra step to set up a company URL and email address, it shows a professionalism that free email addresses don’t, and people will take your company more seriously.

How Do You Set Up Custom Emails?

Setting up your own custom emails might be easier than you think. There are just four main steps:

  1. Register your domain name (www.yourcompany.com or .net)
  2. Get a hosting plan for your domain that includes emails (most do)
  3. Use the hosting interface to add the email of your choice (name@mydomain.com)
  4. Either access the email online or add it to an email client like Outlook or Mac Mail.

You’ll find many hosting interfaces will register your domain name at the same time you sign up, so you only need to go to one place to get going with your domain and email.

Want to Get a Custom Email Set Up Today?

At Panic Button Tech, we can help you get going with custom email for your business in no time, and for very little cost. Our hosting plans begin at just $15/month.

Take a few moments and give us a call today at 951-501-8008. We’ll make it easy for you to begin reaping the benefits of custom business email.

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