5 Easy Ways Wineries & Breweries Can Boost Their Revenue Fast with Guest Wi-Fi

Have you ever been without an internet connection and ducked in to a nearby Starbucks to get online? There’s a reason this famous retailer made free in-store Wi-Fi part of their marketing plan. They knew that people who came in for a free connection, would most likely also buy a cup of coffee (or two).

If you run a winery or brewery, you know that there’s more than just great drinks that keep people coming back. Delicious food, an inviting atmosphere, and customer engagement are all factors that keep them coming in the door.

Most business owners market through print, radio, or social media to put themselves on the map. But, are you taking advantage of one of the easiest ways to stay in front of your customers?

Guest Wi-Fi Increases Sales and Improves Customer Loyalty

According to the Business Insider, as many as 62% of businesses report that customers spend more time in their establishment when Wi-Fi is offered. An IHL Group study found that guest Wi-Fi is directly linked to sales gains and customer loyalty.

Our tech savvy team at Panic Button not only knows how to get an awesome guest Wi-Fi up and running, we can help you get the most bang for your buck, by using that service to advertise drink specials, add to your mailing list, and more.

Free Wi-Fi Is More Than Just Internet Access

While some brewery and winery owners may think that free Wi-Fi sounds like more hassle than it’s worth, they’d be missing out on some big benefits. Before we get into our 5 easy revenue boosting tips, let’s take a look at the overall benefits of offering guests a connection.

Benefits from offering free public Wi-Fi at your business:

  • You can brand your Wi-Fi so passers by see your company name
  • Marketing opportunities with the “captive portal” splash screen
  • Customers that connect spend more time at your place
  • Gain a competitive advantage over others that don’t offer Wi-Fi
  • Use free Wi-Fi as a way to stand out in business listings and apps
  • Promote customer loyalty (they’ll remember you give them a freebie!)

Boost Short-Term and Long-Term Sales with these 5 Easy Tips

One reason our clients like working with our Panic Button Team is our passion for helping businesses succeed. We don’t want to merely upgrade your technology, we want to help upgrade your company!

If we see a tech related opportunity to supercharge your growth, we’re going to tell you how to do it!

Whether you already have guest Wi-Fi or have been thinking of adding it, here are some quick and easy ways to get the most from it. (PS: If you need help setting anything up, we’re here for you!).

These can all be done on the Wi-Fi connection page, otherwise known as the captive portal.

1. Sign Ups for Mailing Lists or Wine Clubs

Have you ever clicked on a sale email and made a purchase? Most of us have because it’s quick, easy, and… Hey, we save money too!

Email marketing continues to have the best ROI of any other marketing type. It’s fairly inexpensive, builds loyalty, and keeps all your sales and specials in front of your customers year-round.

An email entry field and one little box checked (with option to uncheck) for newsletter subscription can significantly increase the subscribers to your email lists, keeping your brand in front of them with regular inbox visits.  

2. Featured Drinks and Specials

You were planning to offer a special today on your most popular brew, but at the last minute, your brewmaster finished new funky seasonal beer that you’d love to promote. How can you quickly get the word out in real time?

The Wi-Fi connection splash page is a great way to promote specials and featured drinks. Plus, the more you take advantage of updating that page regularly, the more your customers will actually look for it so they don’t miss out on any of your cool specials.

3. Events Promotions

Special events like wine and beer tastings are a powerful way to promote your products and create a customer fan base. It’s during special events that you can tell your story, test out new products, and create a community around your brand.

But how do you make sure people; 1. Know about your event, and 2. Don’t forget to come? Promoting your events upon Wi-Fi login can increase your turnout, it is also an easy way make sure people don’t forget about it before it happens, with messages like… “Just 2 More Days!”

4. Coupons!

Did you know that 92% of consumers used a coupon on a purchase within the past year? Everyone loves a good deal and many of us wait until we have a coupon to splurge a little more than usual.

You can promote coupons for a month, a week, or even just a night when people connect to your guest Wi-Fi. It’s a powerful and low-cost way to increase your revenue quickly. Just throw up a quick buy one get one coupon on a higher end item and see what happens!

5. Community Advertising

Have you seen those airport Wi-Fi screens that have you watch an ad in order to connect? That’s advertising dollars in the airport’s pocket. And while you don’t want to turn anyone off, there are ways you can earn a little without being too “in your face” about it.

Think of complimentary businesses in your area. Is there an early morning coffee house that opens just when your brewery is closing? They may just pay you to advertise on your Wi-Fi connection captive portal.

Getting Started Making Money from Free Wi-Fi

Would you like to learn more about leveraging your guest Wi-Fi into sales dollars? Panic Button can help! Just give us a call or text at 951-501-8008 and let’s get started!

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