Essential IT Checklist to Ensure a Smooth Office Move

Essential IT Checklist to Ensure a Smooth Office Move

Moving to a new office can be exciting, but it’s also a lot of work. Physically moving a bunch of furniture and deciding who gets which office are usually at the top of the moving checklist, but moving and re-connecting all your technology is just as important.

You get a whole new understanding the intricacies of network connections and importance of Wi-Fi placement when everything has to be relocated. If your IT isn’t deconstructed and reconstructed properly, it can mean delays in getting back into your workflow after the big move.

One of the consulting services we provide at Panic Button Tech is managing IT moves. Companies have us take care of all aspects of an IT move to a new office, so they can have peace of mind that their technology will be reconnected properly, services like internet and phone will be working, and they can get their business back up and running on day 1 after the move.

While moving an office can be a huge endeavor, proper planning helps ensure everything goes more smoothly. So, we wanted to share our Essential IT Moving Checklist that will hopefully come in handy during that next move.

Reasons Businesses Move their Office

According to an article in Entrepreneur magazine about business relocation, there are five main reasons cited by companies for moving their office to a new location.

  • Labor and workforce issues
  • The desire to reach new markets
  • The need to upgrade their facilities or equipment
  • Wanting to lower costs or increase cash flow
  • Considerations about quality of life

Whether you’re moving to a larger facility or a smaller one, the same type of planning goes into an office move.

The Ultimate Essential IT Moving Checklist

Our Panic Button Tech “Movers” have performed quite a few IT office moves for clients of all sizes, and we always use our checklist to keep everything on track for a success.

Pre-Move Tech Evaluation

When you’re making a major move is the perfect time to evaluate the current technology you have, both hardware and software, to see if an upgrade is needed.

Is your local backup solution outdated? Maybe it’s time to move to a cloud-based solution. Do you have older computers or servers that you’re not using and should get rid of? Now’s the time to evaluate.

Checklist for the Pre-Move Tech Evaluation:

  • Decide which tech hardware will make the move and which to retire.
  • Sell or dispose of obsolete equipment.
  • Create an inventory of existing IT assets that will be moved to the new office.
  • Decide how you’ll handle business continuity during the move (i.e. Staff working from home using cloud-based software, phone number transfer, etc..).
  • Evaluate your current network, backup systems, and other technology and plan for any needed upgrades to coincide with the move.
  • Back up all data so it can easily be replaced should anything get lost during the move.

Pre-Move New Site Evaluation

Just like you’ll be deciding which desk or filing cabinet is going where in your new office, it’s also important to decide where your network cables, printers, and work stations will be placed. You don’t want to find out after the move that you’ve put your Wi-Fi router in an area that only reaches half the office.

Checklist for the Pre-Move New Site Evaluation:

  • Make a detailed blueprint of the new office space and map out where workstations, phone handsets, printers, and IT infrastructure will be placed.
  • Decide what type of tech capabilities (video or phone conferencing, etc..) you need for conference rooms and other special use areas.
  • Map out existing power and phone outlets and any note new ones needed.
  • If needed, enlist an architect, electrician, and/or IT professional to build out any needed capabilities or upgrades to the existing structure.
  • Order any needed IT equipment so it will be received in time for your move

Pre-Move Vendor/Services Coordination

Just like when you move your house, when you move an office, there are several entities you’ll need to coordinate with to ensure your services are disconnected and re-connected properly and you have the help you need the day of the move.

Checklist for the Pre-Move Vendor/Services Coordination:

  • Make arrangements to turn off electricity, water, internet, and phone service at your old office and turn them on with either the same or a different vendor at the new office.
  • Coordinate with an IT professional (Like Panic Button Tech) to disconnect your technology infrastructure at your old office and reconnect it at the new office.
  • Make arrangements to properly safeguard your data during the move.
  • Book your moving vendor and plan for all your computers and other tech to be transported safely and securely.

Moving Week Equipment Transfer & Set Up

The week of the move, you’ll be doing last minute packing of your technology and coordinating all the moving parts, but if you’ve prepared properly, things should be much less stressful.

Checklist for the Moving Week Equipment Transfer & Set Up:

  • Label cables and wiring so they can be easily matched to the right equipment.
  • Make a contact list and text group to coordinate with all staff and vendors with moving responsibilities.
  • Update equipment that include phone numbers or addresses (like printer/faxes) with your new information.
  • Use your equipment inventory list to check-in equipment and IT components as they are unpacked at the new office.
  • After your ISP, Wi-Fi and phone are set up, test all connections to ensure they’re working.
  • Test emails, server connections, and connections to printers, video conference systems and other hardware.
  • Ensure firewalls and other security measures are working properly on the new office’s ISP connection.
  • Plan to have your IT provider on standby the first day or two after the move to help you and your staff troubleshoot any issues.

Make IT Moves Simple – Call Panic Button Tech!

We are experts at safe and secure IT office moves. We’ll even coordinate with your local internet provider too (One more thing off your plate). If you’re planning an office move, contact us online or call/text 951-501-8008, we’d love to help you!

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